Chef Sharon FabianaThe Brickhouse

    Sharon is originally from the island of Kauai and where she began my life in the food and hospitality industry. She has lived in Central Oregon for a little over 10 years and hasbeen a chef at Brickhouse for over 9. Sharon’s culinary training started on Oahu at the Gros Bonnet Culinary Institute, where she received her degree in classical French cuisine. Since then she has been privileged to have worked with a variety of talented chefs that have been essential in her overall growth as a chef.

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Some would find this an impossible choice but I’ll keep it simple with eggs. The versatility alone would never get boring.

    What is your favorite food to pair wine with? I love to pair wine with every type of food. It’s hard to choose just one so I’ll have to go with fresh seafood.

    It’s your last weekend on earth…what city are you eating in and why? New Orleans. Because its not just about the food for me. The love they have for their culture can be experienced through the food that they’ve been creating for generations.