Chef OJ RobinsonThe Benson Hotel, Portland

    Chef OJ Robinson started on a cooking line at the age of 15. He studied at the Cascade Culinary Institute and held executive chef positions at Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend and The Resort at the Mountain in Welches and now is the Executive Chef at The Benson. He also spends time using his culinary skills to volunteer, having worked for Family Kitchen and The Candle Lighters of Central Oregon.

    What is your favorite food to pair wine with? Lamb. I like to do dishes at wine dinners that people wouldn’t necessarily try on their own.

    When did you know you wanted to be a chef? When I was 21 and working at the Riverhouse Hotel in Bend. The chef there at that time, Scott Vanderberg, said I had natural talent.

    It’s your last weekend on earth…what city are you eating in and why? My mother’s kitchen eating chicken taquitos and tacos with fresh guacamole and salsa for dinner and bacon gravy over bread for breakfast the next morning.