Chef Darrell Henrichs10Below Restaurant

    Chef Henrichs attended the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont nearly three decades ago before embarking upon his culinary career. In the last 27 years, Chef Henrichs has curated his craft—he’s worked at an array of restaurants and resorts, including numerous four-star establishments in Colorado and California.

    Chef Henrichs’ new menu highlights his signature style at 10Below Restaurant & Lounge. He enjoys experimenting with flavors and cuisine, especially French Pacific Rim fusion.

    When did you know you wanted to be a chef? 
    I started cooking at 13 and got my first restaurant job at 15 dishwashing and doing prep.

    What is your favorite ingredient to work with? Fresh basil because it is universal cold or warm.

    It’s your last weekend on earth…what city are you eating in and why?
    Orlando, Florida so I could go to Disney World with my daughter.

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