Southern Oregon | 2019 Guest Wineries

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Southern Oregon Wineries

Sip Your Way Through Southern Oregon!

This year, we’ll feature guest wineries from Southern Oregon.

Master of Wine (MW), Bree Boskov shares, “To me Southern Oregon is currently one of the most exciting regions in the US. In no other wine region do you find such diversity among varieties and styles, from Italian and Spanish to French varieties. There is so much variety to be found in one of the most dramatically stunning regions to visit, to explore the rivers and valleys, or hike and bike the multitude of trails in the mountains that surround the vineyards, there really is something for everyone!”

Don’t miss the chance to mix and mingle with winemakers from the visiting region and experience the essence of all that Southern Oregon has to offer.


Southern Oregon Wine

“Southern Oregon’s latitude and prevailing oceanic winds create a 7-month European-like growing season that distinguishes it from all other west coast (and American) growing regions and this uniquely defines, identifies and unifies us as an ideal place to grow wine grapes.” ~Southern Oregon Winery Association Website