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About KIDS Center


Kids Intervention and Diagnostic Service Center

Helping keep kids safe in Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook and surrounding counties.

4,673Children, youth and families were directly served through KIDS Center programs.

401child abuse Evaluations and consults took place at KIDS Center.

740families received critical Family Support Services.

1,517adults were trains in our Prevention and Education programs.

2,350middle/high school students were trained in Internet Safety

248children received Therapy through our partnership with Deschutes County Behavioral Health.

*Unduplicated number of clients receiving an evaluation, family support, or therapy is 1,096.

Children visiting KIDS Center in 2015, experienced the following types of abuse.

While each child seen at KIDS Center is referred for a specific concern of abuse, children often experience multiple types of abuse.


  • 99 – percentage of KIDS Center clients who knew their alleged offender.
  • 253 – number of KIDS Center clients whose abuse took place in the home.
  • 174 – number of children who disclosed their abuse at KIDS Center
  • 258 – number of children served by KIDS Center who were of elementary school age or younger.

From KIDS Center’s Executive Director

kidscenter-page3In 2015, KIDS Center increased the number of children, adults, and families served by 21% over last year. A total of 4,673 individuals were supported as they courageously shared their very personal stories of abuse and sought support to overcome the challenges they faced. Many children and their families engaged in therapy and support groups to heal from their trauma, while others better equipped themselves with child abuse prevention trainings. As a team, our KIDS Center staff and volunteers watched incredible journeys from the darkness of abuse to the brightness of safety and bared witness to the power of resiliency.

With the support of a very generous community, we continue to develop effective, proven programs and resources for those who experience trauma. Increased access to therapeutic support groups for parents and children; a prompt, multi-disciplinary response to children and families experiencing violence; and increased engagement with law enforcement in the human trafficking arena all led to better outcomes for families in our community.

Each year I’m astounded by the strength and courage of children and parents who pass through our doors. Thank you to our donors, community partners, volunteers, Board of Directors and key stakeholders for your dedication, compassion, financial support and advocacy. Appropriately addressing and ending child abuse is crucial in building a healthy and strong Central Oregon and it is in partnership with you, that we continue to strive toward this end.

Highlights from the year…

  • 740 individuals were provided family support and advocacy services- vital to lowering stress and promoting engagement with our wonderful community partners;
  • 100 more children received child abuse medical evaluations this year over last;
  • 2,350 middle school students learned how to protect themselves with the Public and Permanent Internet Safety training, with the support of Bend Broadband; and
  • Parents engaged in our new support groups to strengthen their ability to support children who experienced sexual abuse.

2015 Expenditures – $2,018,321

2015 Operating Revenue – $2,018,321

Approximately $0.87 of each dollar donated goes to programs.

KIDS Center realized at $101,253 surplus that is being invested for long-term sustainability.

Building a Strong Future for KIDS Center

kidscenter-page3In 2012, KIDS Center partnered with Talena Barker of Event Divas to develop KIDS Center’s new fundraising event Cork & Barrel, a high end, yet fresh and fun, auction event focused on wine, food and one-of-a-kind experiences. All funds raised support KIDS Center’s direct services which include child abuse evaluations, treatment and prevention throughout Central Oregon. KIDS Center is pleased and overwhelmed by the generosity of our community to help serve those impacted by child abuse.

In 2015, Cork & Barrel raised over $400,000 (24% of our $1.8 MM annual operating budget) to help fund our core services making them available at no cost to the children and families impacted by abuse. Experiencing such success at events like Cork & Barrel allows KIDS Center to build long-term financial stability and modestly grow and extend our basic services to have greater impact when and where appropriate. With funds raised at Cork & Barrel, we have been able to launch Bridges to Healing support groups for children, siblings and parents working to heal from and move beyond sexual abuse.

Future success will allow KIDS Center to further expand services to:

  • Provide therapy for parents who are working to help their child heal and move beyond the trauma of abuse.
  • Increase the number of children transitioning from the evaluation to therapy
  • Support child victims of human trafficking and sexual assault.

Visit corkandbarrel.org for more information

KIDS Center, 1375 NW Kingston Avenue, Bend, OR 97703
541 383 5958 | kidscenter.org

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