Less Is More: Embrace That Minibike Life!


Ciao, Bella! Get ready to welcome fine Italian craftsmanship to your life and revolutionize your relationship with the road! From Vespa, known the world over for its darling motor scooters, comes a 2004 Model ET 4 with less than 300 miles of use! Feel like a principessa on your own Roman Holiday right here in Bend!

The Florentine Red finish will ensure you and your partner can’t be missed while zipping through the Central Oregon countryside. And the 70 MPG will have your wallet whispering, “grazie!” Enjoy a matching carrying case, helmet, gloves, and the freedom to squeeze into that tiny parking space! Bellissima!


Please take possession of the Vespa by July 28, 2018, one week following this auction. New owner will receive a clear title and will be responsible for new vehicle registration

Contributed by Friends of KIDS Center and touched up by Professional Auto Body