Party in Siena for Palio 2020!

This once-in-a-lifetime trip for 2 couples will have you partying in Siena, Italy for the 2020 Palio di Siena! Set dates for this trip are June 27-July 4, 2020 with Palio activities beginning on June 29.  This package includes lodging (2 rooms for 2 couples) at the famous Frances Lodge, tickets to the pre-race dinner, and tickets to the Palio race! Plus, hosts at the Frances Lodge can offer numerous fabulous experiences such as wine tours, cooking classes, golf, horseback riding, truffle hunting and more!

Lodging for all 7 nights will be in two romantic rooms, including delectable breakfasts and plush amenities. Renowned Frances Lodge, winner of many coveted travel and lodging awards, has also been featured by well-respected travel writer, tv travel host and Europe travel guru Rick Steves as “The place to stay in Siena” with the “Greatest view of the city!”

You will have 4 seats at the pre-race Palio dinner, which is one GIANT party. Each of the 17 “contrade,” or districts of Siena, gather for this dinner to eat, drink, sing, and chant in hopes that their contrade will win the Palio. The dinners are set up throughout the city and will certainly get you excited about the race and give you a contrade to cheer for!

For the Palio, you will have 4 seats to enjoy this amazing, bareback, random-draw horse race. And don’t forget the Corteo Storico, a historical costume parade taking place on July 2, just prior to the race. Held in the Piazza del Campo, the Corteo Storica joins 40,000 people from all over the world as they gather together in the shell-shaped forum revealing in the parade and race of a lifetime. The actual race lasts just 90 energizing seconds, but the celebrations will last until the next Palio!

Seven days in Siena, food, festivities, a fabulous PARTY, fantastic lodging, and bucket list experiences await!

Please Note: Flights not included, must be redeemed for June 27-July 4, 2020 as all tickets and lodging have been pre-booked. To confirm all details, please contact Ginger at

Contributed by Jan and Chris Wick and KIDS Center