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2019 Party Boards!

These exclusive experiences, limited to 40 people, are only $100 per seat. Purchase your party board seats live at Cork & Barrel events, or to pre-buy your seat online (coming soon!). For more [...]

Meet Our Auctioneer!

At KIDS Center, we do our best to present a magnificent, top-of-the-line live auction at our Grand Cru fundraising gala each summer. The energy in the tent is contagious and it’s exhilarating to [...]

Three Reasons Why

As we begin a new year and we dive deep into full-fledged planning for our favorite event of the summer, we began to think, “What is it that makes Cork & Barrel so special not only to us, but to you?”

Drum Roll Please…

Cork & Barrel focuses on the time-honored relationship between wine & food over the span of three days of fundraising events. We aim to bring together wine + food + philanthropy at the [...]